The Marriage Coach’s Main Goal:

To help you make YOUR Marriage a GREAT, Wheels Off, Amazing kind of Adventure to sustain for years to come with fun, passion, laughter, connection & shared vision. She believes in the Deliberate Acts of Love in a marriage not Random Acts of Kindness.  Every choice in our relationships can be of the self-focused make me happy kind or kindness manifesting in an action of love.  50% of marriages succeed; so you too can create the marriage that you have always dreamed of…

“To empower singles, single parents, couples and families to find out what makes them “tick,” learn to connect on a deeper level with themselves and each other, to communicate more clearly, to create their marriage/family mission & core values, and to share a safe, nurturing, creative, beautiful and organized space called HOME.”

Tired of feeling like “exhausted roommates” instead of “passionate lovers” with your spouse? A little time with Ms. Jenny Bair, MHE, will help you develop new ways to connect with your spouse as life partners, co-parents and lovers. Family life is supported when the relationship of the Parent Leaders is strong.

Jenny has a passion for helping couples get back the zest and sparkle they had when they were dating and before some of the stressors of work & parenting “changed things.” There is no need to settle – try something new within your marriage to get a new level of intimacy, fun and connection. The world may take marriage casually and you don’t have to. When there is Purpose + Passion then you have = the POWER of TWO operating synergistically in your family.

Jenny has spent since the last 20+ years helping people change in all areas of their lives. She loves helping individuals and couples find their A-Ha moments to shift, tweak and obtain their personal, familial, sensual & professional goals. She has a strong background in all things health, wellness, medical, intimacy & sexuality, life change and organization which are core to making changes in couple’s interactions and within the family.

Specifically, Ms. Bair coaches you/and your spouse to:

Develop a LOVE PLAN that may include the some or all of the following:

– Mission Statements (Individual, Marriage & Family)
– Core Values & Priority Management
– Physical, Mental & Emotional, Spiritual and Soulical Connecting
– Incorporate the 4 Types of Date Night/Times into your couplehood
– Assess current levels of intimacy and communication
– Define Your Love Styles and Love Languages (the work of Gary Chapman and Kay & Milan Yerkovich)
– How to Create “Safe Havens” for yourself, spouse and children (from the body of work called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy)
– Learn how to listen and comfort each other
– Learn how to have “touchy-feely” conversations where you can both hear each other
– Bring back your love life with sizzle that fits you both with new connecting exercises, passion experiments, techniques, tips and love tools

For the HOME Plan; you can create, develop and define:

– Mission Statements
– Core Values
– Family Schedule & Power Hour
– Household Organization Plan & Discipline
– Prioritize family activities
– “Second Shift” To-Do’s for parents and kids
– Chore Delegation & Homework Hassle-free Zones

Great marriages and families don’t make themselves. They take energy, effort, planning and creativity to GAIN Passion and Purpose through the Power of TWO!

Email info@livingwelldallas.com or call the office at (972)930-0260 for more information. Call to set up a 20 minute consultation to see if you’re a fit for achieving your goals. She also has some upcoming tele-classes, retreats and events this year. Ms. Bair is also available to speak on a variety of topics to your organization, small group, or special event.

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